Name Anssi Tenhunen
Date of Birth 05/05/1984
Hometown Helsinki, Finland
Currently residing Helsinki, Finland
E-mail address atenhunen [a]
Telephone +358 40 776 4195
Language skills Finnish (native)
English (excellent)
Swedish (poor)
DAW skills Cubase (expert)
Pro Tools (expert)
Logic Pro (basics)
Reaper (basics)
Programming experience HTML4, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Java,
XML, MaxMSP, PureData, Adobe Flash,
Visual Basic, QLab, Swift, Apple Script etc
+ GrandMA2 / dot2 light desk
Studio Engineering
2019 Jacoby - F*cking Around (co-writer)
2019 ahjteam - Human Nature (primary artist, producer, recording, mixing, mastering)
2018 Anssi Tenhunen - 00780 (primary artist, producer, recording, mixing, mastering)
2018 Pykälän Spex 2017 "Kartelli" (DVD audio mixing)
2017 .Blood - EP (arrangement, main instrumentation, background vocals, recording, mixing, mastering)
2017 ahjteam - The Oncoming Storm (primary artist, recording, mixing, mastering)
2017 Luke Smith - Into The Night -EP (mastering)
2016 Luke Smith - Into The Night -single (mastering)
2015 Still Blind Tomorrow - Far Away (vocal editing, mixing, mastering)
2015 Chimaira - The Dehumanizing Process (Live at Dirt Fest 2014) (mixing, mastering)
2015 Tyler Brunell - S/T album (mastering)
2014 Devin Townsend - Z2 (part of universal choir, 3 tracks)
2014 Jacoby Michael Filand - Summer Thoughts feat. Zippy Laske (co-producer)
2014 Jacoby Michael Filand - Captain Swag (co-producer, guitar, mastering)
2014 Jacoby Michael Filand - Blue Shirt (mastering)
2014 ahjteam feat. Jacoby Michael Filand - Short and Sweet (primary artist, production)
2014 Jacoby Michael Filand - Let Me See Your Smile Feat. Dom Milli (mastering)
2014 Lizzy Herder - Breathe You In (mastering)
2014 Sad January - Believe In Better (mastering)
2014 Pictures from Eden - Last Satellite (mixing, additional production)
2013 ahjteam feat. Oskar Solja - Power Current Streams EP (primary artist, production)
2013 Jacoby Filand - @Nicole_Weggen Part 3 feat. BlackJack (co-producer)
2013 Lamp Shade Betty - Rock & Roll Isn't Dead Yet -EP (mastering)
2013 Jacoby Filand - @Nicole_Weggen Part 2 feat. Jonathan Andrew Sanvik III (background vocals)
2013 Lizzy Herder - A Mind Of My Own -EP (mastering)
2013 The Expected - ONE (recording)
2012 Blow - Take The Shot -EP (mastering)
2012 WGF - Wylli Groove Federation (producing, recording, mixing, percussions)
2012 Sad January - Visions -EP (mastering)
2012 Sinking Charlie - Tongues -single (producing, recording)
2012 LUM - Live, Laugh, LUM -EP (editing, mixing, mastering)
2012 Breathing Awaits - Architecting Our Sins -EP (producer, recording, mixing)
2011 To Heaven Through Hell - A Tribute to RJD (drum and keyboard programming on "Holy Diver")
2011 Louna - Antaa heidän puhua (mixing, vocal recording)
2010 Northern Death Style - Warning Shots -single (playing guitar, mixing, mastering)
2009 DJ RX - In Memoriam (playing guitar)
2009 Insane Affection - debut album (recording, mixing)
2009 The Stereo Addict - demo (playing drums, recording, mixing)
2009 Major Label - When I Am With You You Are Safe (vocal recording)
2007 Major Label - ...And The Machines Will Never Wake Us (vocal recording)
2004 Evil Piggy Machine - XI (mix, master)
In-House Studio Engineering
2012 Finnvox Studios, Helsinki (intern, studio assistant)
2007 Studio Harju, Helsinki (Recording engineer, recorded and mixed 15 demos)
In-House Live Engineering
Tiivistämö, Helsinki 2023 (sound technician)
Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki, Helsinki 2018-2022 (theater technician, technical supervisor)
Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Cafe Mondo, 2017-2019 (monitor engineer)
Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Helsinki 2005-2006, 2017-2018
Silja Galaxy, Turku-Stockholm, 2010-2016 (substitute)
Silja Europa, Turku-Stockholm, 2008-2011 (substitute)
Kuudes Linja, Helsinki 2008 (freelancer)
On The Rocks, Helsinki 2007-2008 (freelancer)
Hard Gospel Cafe, Helsinki 2002-2008
Touring & Live Engineering
Ancara 2007-2018
Whispered 2010
Sacrecy 2008-2009
Major Label 2006-2008
Eilera 2007
TV & Movie
Rantabaari 2019-2021 - Extra (Season 1-3)
Heikoin Lenkki 2017 - Participant
Hurjat Rakkauskilot 2017 - Participant
3 Simoa 2012 - Assistant music recordist
Tuuliajolla 2010 - Sound recorder, boom operator

Iskusävelmä podcast (Host, producer) 2021-
Freelance music journalist on webzine 2002-2012
Freelance webdesigning 1997-2006
Anttoni Brück (Freelance webcoder, 2003-2004)
Vuosaari Parish (Website developer (intern) 2003;
Live sound engineer 2002-2008;
Café worker 2000-2007;
Parish worker 2000-2007)
Viatek Oy (Coding, 2002; Office assistant 2000, 2002)
Finnish Business College (College marketing, 2001-2002)
Hestele Oy (Telemarketing, 2001)
The Finnish National Board of Education (Postal worker intern, 1999)
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Office assistant intern, 1998)

Master of Arts from University of Jyväskylä, Finland
(Master's Degree Programme in Music Psychology; Music, Mind and Technology, 2016)
Bachelors Degree from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Virrat, Finland
(Bachelor's Degree Programme in Media; Digital Sound and Commercial Music, 2012)
Exchange studies at McNally-Smith College of Music in St Paul, Minnesota, USA, 2010
Finnish Business College, Helsinki, Finland
(Information Technology studies, 2004)
Military Police
(Finnish Army, Helsinki Air Defence Regiment, 2004-2005)

Member of AES 2012-
Member of Mensa 2010-
Member of Waves Audio Street Team and Beta-testing team 2012-2015
Member of the Vuosaari Parish Communion Council in 2002-2005 (politics)
2nd place in Skills Finland 2003 (website development)
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